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Member of National Pygmy Goat Association, Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Association.

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Capra Creek Mini Farm was started in 2009. We are located on 11 acres outside Warrensburg, MO. We raise Registed Pygmy Goats, Registered Nigerian Dwarfs, and unregistered pygmies. We breed and raise New Zealand and California Rabbits for pets and meat production and AKC registered Doberman Pinschers.

Pygmies - the most common name applied to a dwarf goat, but not all dwarf's are pygmies. True Pygmies have distinct characteristics - First and most telling is pygmies do not have blue eyes; their eyes are brown. Blue eyes is a Nigerian Dwarf trait.
br> Pygmies come in Black, gray, Brown and tan all with distinct markings - Black or Brown leggings, dorsal stripe. Most have a grizzled pattern which is due to the appearance of light or dark hairs which give a frosted look referred to as agouti. The coloration around the muzzle, forehead, eyes ad ears are lighter in color than the rest of their head. Pygmies should have a full beard and shaggy coat around their shoulders making them lion like in appearance.

The pygmy is stocky often referred to as a cobby appearance with short legs and heavy more muscled and should mature at 45 to 50 lbs. This made them popular as a meat goat and were first imported here and used as food for the large cats found in zoos.

Due to their small size and friendly nature they soon became popular as pets. They are famous for their antics of hopping and jumping around like little clowns. Our pygmies are registered with the National Pygmy Goat Association.

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If you want loud colors and blue eyes then you want a Nigerian Dwarf. We do have unregistered pygmy does and we breed them to our registered pygmy buck. Our goats are vaccinated, wormed, disbudded and are a healthy closed herd.

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